Construction Services

The construction division at Frontier Mechanical Inc. (FMI) is comprised of master level craftsmen with a passion not just for getting the job done, but for delivering the highest quality installation available. With more than 30 years in the mechanical industry in Colorado, FMI knows the demands of Colorado’s unique climate system and how to be efficient within this climate.

We strive to exceed customer expectations through professional workmanship and a level of detail unmatched in the industry. Utilizing state of the art BIM modeling, CAD, Revit and SysQue, our mechanical engineers and estimators will work with you to meet your project deadlines and requirements.

FMI specializes in HVAC, hydronic and plumbing for various structures such as, but not limited to, commercial, industrial, and retail construction, large multi-family residential, theaters, office buildings, churches, schools, data centers, casinos, retirement/planned living complexes, financial institutions and specialized computer rooms.

Our HVAC department is versed and ready to take on any project from stainless steel exhaust systems to multi-section high CFM air handlers. Our hydronic department specializes in pumps, boilers, and chillers and is capable of providing design install to full size boiler plants. Our plumbing department is ready to take on any variety of complex heat exchangers, natural gas pipes, and acid waste systems.

FMI has one of the few state of the art fabrication facilities in Colorado. We have the ability to fabricate duct work in-house with a fully automated coil line, spiral duct machine and computer generated plasma cutter.

FMI Sheetmetal Shop

At FMI, we understand that fabrication is a critical step in the construction process. By manufacturing in-house, we are able to produce cost effective and high quality duct for our customers. The fabricators in our 20,000 square foot shop produce low, medium, and high pressure stainless steel metal. Our shop is also available to produce fiberglass duct and fittings.

FMI supplies other mechanical contractors with our manufactured duct work due to the guaranteed quality, fast turnaround, and unbeatable pricing. For a free quote on our high quality fabricated sheet metal please call 303-806-5400.