FMI services projects of all sizes. Below is a small sample of our current and past projects.


Alameda Station
Frontier Mechanical Inc. in Partnership with PCL/CFC Construction - 400+ unit multi-family housing project at the Alameda light rail station.


Landmark Lofts
Frontier Mechanical Inc. has recently been involved in a design/build multi-family housing project near the campus of the University of Colorado , in the town of Boulder. FMI has teamed up with PCL Construction on the construction of this 150 unit, multi-million dollar project, named Landmark Lofts. Our scope of work on the project included both the complete plumbing package as well as the heating, cooling and ventilation of both the units and a 100,000 square foot underground parking structure. With over 30,000 man hours invested during construction, this project was both intricate in detail/design, as it was in size and scope. FMI was able to showcase its ability to manage large scale construction projects, all the while maintaining impeccable safety standards and quality control.


Front Range Christian School
Frontier Mechanical Inc. completed this service replacement project, updating the schools heating/air conditioning system.


Schnitzer Building
FMI replaced a 27’ x 16’ chilled water coil in a 14 story office building. Working with a limited window for shutdown, the work began on a Friday evening and was completed by Sunday night with the building up and running for the work week.


Great Divide
Renovation / Remodel of this downtown brewery.


Mod Market – Denver International Airport, Concourse B.
All the complexities of a full size “made to order” restaurant packed into a tight, limited space at DIA. This project included multiple systems, from a pollution controlled and filtered exhaust system for the cooking hoods, its own temperature controlled space, to being incorporated into multiple airport controlled HVAC systems.

sheraton cooling tower

Sheraton Cooling Tower.
FMI was awarded the job based on our design and aggressive schedule to minimize down time for the cooling tower. The cooling tower is utilized year round so downtime was extremely critical. In a 10 hour period all 10” and 12” pipe was demoed and we installed the pipe for one cell of the 3 for the 1200 Ton tower. FMI determined that one cell would handle the load on the building. The previous piping layout did not allow the Sheraton to isolate each cell. Now all three cells can be isolated individually for repair or maintenance. The entire project took only four days to complete.

Tokyo Joe's

Tokyo Joe's
Full size restaurant packed into a fast food space. Tokyo Joe’s in the Southwest Plaza mall incorporates a full kitchen of hoods, exhaust fans, and a make up air unit into a tight mall location. The dining area also has fast reacting space conditioning to help keep large or small customer volumes comfortable. 480,000BTUH and 20 tonns of cooling keep the restaurant comfortable at all times.